Eaton Sells VORAD System To Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

Eaton Corporation has announced it has sold its VORAD (Vehicle On-Board Radar)system to Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC.

According to, Eaton’s Roadranger Marketing organization has entered into an agreement with Bendix to continue to market and support the VORAD system in the North American marketplace.

The VORAD system is a radar-based collision warning system used by commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers, major trucking fleets and specialty vehicle manufacturers.

VORAD stands for “Vehicle On-board RADar” and is a collision Warning System that helps drivers take evasive action before accidents happen. Roadranger’s site describes it as “like having a safety director riding with you every day.”

Capabilities of VORAD include keeping drivers aware of safe following intervals, warning of potential hazards ahead (such as a stopped or slow-moving vehicle), and helping a truck driver “see” through fog, snow, dust and rain.


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