"Slice Of Life" Truckers Try Out The 2009 Freightliner Cascadia

Freightliner Trucks is trying a unique way to prove the worth of the 2009 Freightliner Cascadia, by letting three truckers drive it for one year.

The truckers in the “Slice of Life” program by Freightliner have been on the road for more than three months, each one driving a Detroit Diesel DD15 equipped 2009 Cascadia truck.

According to Freightliner, the year-long Slice of Life program enables its participants – Henry Albert, Kurt Grote and Dick McCorkle – to experience firsthand the Cascadia’s enhanced aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, roomy cab and quiet ride.

The Slice of Life program kicked off at the Cleveland, N.C., Freightliner Trucks plant on August 19, where the owner-operators were presented with their new Cascadia trucks and given a VIP tour of the truck plant.

“‘The Slice of Life trucks are already generating significant interest among other truckers who want to know more about what it is Kurt, Dick and Henry are a part of, said Jamie Cabrera, manager, owner-operator product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “We are excited to have launched a program that allows owner-operators to share their first-person Cascadia experiences.”

In addition to appearing on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network, where Henry Albert answered listener questions about their journeys and were featured in a podcast, the drivers are blogging about their impressions. The blogs, additional podcasts of the drivers and upcoming appearances are available on www.SliceofTruckerLife.com.

“I haven’t written this much since school, but it’s been a great exercise every couple of days,” said Albert. “Blogging is an entirely new experience for me and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

McCorkle noted that one of his favorite things about the Slice of Life program is talking to people on the road and at truck stops, and answering their questions.

“I am just tickled to death with this truck and this experience,” said McCorkle. “I invite everyone to take a walk around it and see for themselves the aerodynamic features on the outside, and the comfortable appointments on the inside. Plus, my fuel mileage has been outstanding.”

Source: Freightliner Trucks

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