PrePass And E-ZPass Technologies Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Truckers often use APU’s and other technology to reduce emissions while idling. PrePass and E-ZPass have a better solution: reduce unnecessary idling and save drivers time, fuel and money.

The PrePass site details the sophisticated technology that enables qualified motor carriers to comply electronically with state-established weight, safety and credential requirements at highway speeds.

By avoiding weigh station stops, and idling in queues, motor carriers reduce fuel consumption and the associated pollutants.

PrePass reports their technology will electronically process more than 57 million weigh station events this year, saving carriers at least 11.4 million gallons of fuel.

Based on engineering estimates by MARK IV, the E-ZPass technology provider, during 2007 alone, E-ZPass reduced fuel consumption by almost 30 million gallons. That’s the equivalent of nearly 265 thousand metric tons of related emissions or the greenhouse gas emissions of about 14 thousand US households.

Source: PrePass and E-ZPass

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