Case Delivers First 50 Armored Backhoe Loaders to U.S. Army for Deployment to Southwest Asia

Heavy equipment is designed to work in rugged conditions, but heavy equipment that gets deployed to war zones have more to deal with than just dirt and steep hills.

The Case Construction Equipment site reports that Case has produced the first 50 Case armored backhoe loaders (BHLs) for the U.S. Army as part of a five-year contract awarded to Case for a total of 626 Case backhoe loaders.

Manufactured at the Case plant in Burlington, Iowa, these 50 units have been deployed in October to Southwest Asia to support military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Another 150 non-armored Case backhoe loaders for the U.S. Army are also in production in Burlington to meet delivery requirements stateside in November.

Case employees at the Burlington plant commemorated the rollout of the 50 armored BHLs by posing for a picture with the equipment. Case is also sending three employees to Southwest Asia to provide technical support to the U.S. Army for the Case BHLs.

“The U.S. Army chose Case for this contract based on our ability to support equipment with parts and technical service wherever our soldiers are serving around the globe; the technical performance and reliability of our machines; and our past performance in supporting other military contracts,” said Jim Hasler, vice president, Case Construction Equipment. “The Case armored and non-armored BHLs are built to U.S. military specifications and are designed to provide the men and women in the U.S. armed forces with a safe, productive working environment.”

Exterior cab panels on the Case BHL are interchangeable to match any threat environment, enabling the machine to quickly transform from standard to fully-armored configuration. Designed for enhanced operability and survivability, the spacious cab stays cool in the hottest climates. The cab features the Visibility Improvement Package (VIP), which includes four external cameras and three internal monitors that provide ground level vision to the entire work area from the protected cab, without exposing the operator to danger.

Source: Case Construction Equipment

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  1. It's cool… I have just know that a backhoe is also used for military needs. That's really sophisticated backhoe. Actually, I am interested to operate a backhoe. I hope…

  2. I agree with you. Backhoe is a tool used for rough work, but very functional in the process of building a building. I also agree when the backhoe is made ​​of steel because it is so serves to protect men and women with a safe and productive work.

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