Case Donates Loader/Backhoe To Help Preserve Railroad Heritage

Case Construction Equipment has donated a Case 590 Super M Series 2 loader/backhoe to the Midwest Central Railroad (MCRR), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the nation’s railroad heritage.

“We will use the loader/backhoe primarily for track repair and rebuilding projects,” said Matthew Crull, president of MCRR. With volunteer labor risking sore backs when working by hand, Crull stated that they can replace two or three ties in a day. “With the Case loader/backhoe, we should be able to replace up to 100 ties per day,” he said.

According to Crull, the timing of the donation is significant because the railroad plans to perform a total tear out and replacement of the eastern half of the track next spring. The project will involve moving many tons of dirt and rock, as well as replacing the thousands of railroad ties. When completed, the restored section should last 15-to-20 years.

MCRR owns a fleet of steam locomotives and rolling stock that it operates along a circular track approximately 1.25 miles long. The railroad is located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, about 30 miles from the Case Burlington plant where Case loader/backhoes are manufactured. The donated machine came from the Burlington plant.

The railroad is open to the public as a working museum that holds several events each year. The biggest is the annual Old Thresher’s Reunion, an educational gathering held every August that includes demonstrations of antique farming equipment.

Approximately 35,000 to 40,000 people visit MCRR each year. It is administered, operated and maintained by an all volunteer group.

Source: Case Construction Equipment

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