Detroit Diesel Introduces The New DD13 Engine

Detroit Diesel recently introduced the new DD13 engine, a smaller version of the popular DD15 engine (pictured below).

According to Detroit Diesel, the DD13 displaces 12.8 liters, and features a 6-cylinder, in-line configuration. The new engine allows customers to demand economy, serviceability and performance.

Designed for the less-than-truckload, regional distribution, and vocational markets, the DD13 will be offered in output and torque variants from 350 to 450 hp and 1,350 to 1,650 lb-ft.

The DD13 is the second in a series of all-new heavy-duty engines from Detroit Diesel that will eventually cover three displacement categories: 13 liters, 15 liters and 16 liters. Part of the Detroit Diesel engine family, the DD13 shares a common base engine design that will be leveraged on a global scale by Daimler Trucks.

“We have taken all of the lessons learned from our 70 years of building engines and applied this extensive history to our new engine,” said David Siler, director of marketing for Detroit Diesel. “The DD13 – which is truly a culmination of our experience and innovations – delivers what our customers want: economy, serviceability and performance.”

Source: Detroit Diesel

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