Mack Trucks Displays Heavy-Duty Truck With Fuel-Saving Hybrid Technology

Mack Trucks, Inc. recently displayed a heavy-duty truck equipped with its innovative and fuel-saving hybrid technology at the inaugural SMART Green Showcase in Frederick, Maryland on July 18. The Mack TerraPro Low Entry refuse truck was built under contract for the United States Air Force and will be placed into operation later this year in Macon, Georgia. This is the fifth hybrid Mack has built for USAF. The others are in operation around the country.

“Mack’s hybrid technology significantly reduces fuel consumption,” said Mack President and CEO Dennis Slagle. “Fuel economy improvements of 30% to 50% are achievable in refuse applications like the one this truck is built to handle. Reduced fuel consumption also directly reduces CO2 emissions, which is good for the environment and society as a whole.”

“There are more than 80,000 vehicles in refuse service in the U.S., with each running up to 75,000 miles a year,” Slagle said. “At that many miles, a hybrid refuse truck would use 10,000 gallons less diesel per year than a conventional truck. Hybrid trucks are also quieter than conventional trucks – meaning less noise in our neighborhoods on trash collection days.”

The Mack hybrid electric powertrain features an integrated starter, alternator and motor referred to collectively as an electric machine. The electric machine assists the TerraPro’s Mack MP7 diesel engine in providing torque to the wheels and regenerates energy during braking. The energy captured during braking (stored as electricity in lithium ion batteries) is then used in place of diesel fuel and helps launch the truck from stops.

This technology provides the maximum fuel savings on routes with frequent braking and accelerations. Examples, in addition to refuse, are urban delivery and certain construction applications.

Source: Mack Trucks

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