Caterpillar Displays Surface And Underground Mining Equipment And Technology Capabilities

Caterpillar recently displayed surface and underground mining equipment and technology capabilities at the largest indoor exhibit within MINExpo 2008. Caterpillar introduced the new Caterpillar F-Series mining trucks including the next generation of mechanical drive trucks as well as the new Cat AC electric drive trucks.

The F-Series trucks feature the new Caterpillar C175 diesel engine, a state-of-the-art design proven efficient and reliable in power generation applications. A cut-away display of the new engine will be exhibited.

In addition to the long anticipated new trucks, the new D11T track-Type Tractor will be on public display for the first time, as will the newest in the line of Caterpillar large wheel loaders, the 993K.

Underground mining products on display include the latest underground loader and truck models as well as technology to boost productivity and safety in the underground environment. New surface mining technology products, too, will be shown. Caterpillar and Cat dealer product support capabilities share the stage with the big iron and the technology products.

Source: Caterpillar


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