Michelin Tires Goes On Tour To Promote New Efficient Tires

Michelin Tires is going on tour to share the message “Go Wide. Save Green.”

Michelin Tires has set up a special site at www.gowidesavegreen.com and is going coast-to-coast to share what thousands of fleets have already learned – environmentally-friendly transportation makes good business sense.

Michelin’s North American tour will feature real world examples of commercial trucking fleets and owner/operators who have benefited from the improved fuel efficiency, weight savings, and time savings that MICHELIN X One wide single tires deliver.

“With the cost of diesel fuel now averaging almost $5 per gallon, we believe this message will truly resonate with truckers who pay more than $1,000 per fill up and travel 100,000 miles or more each year,” said Marc Laferriere, vice president of marketing, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “Michelin X One tires provide an excellent means to improve a truck’s operating efficiency. Not only does this save the trucking company green on their bottom line, but it also saves the environment green by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

Source: Michelin Tires

One thought on “Michelin Tires Goes On Tour To Promote New Efficient Tires

  1. i’ve seen these on the road and wondered what they were… does anyone know if the fuel savings comes from a weight reduction (less sidewall rubber) alone of if there is something else?


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