Volvo Reports Hybrid Equipment Could Save Fuel And Cut Emissions

According to Volvo Construction Equipment, new research shows that the construction equipment industry could reduce its carbon footprint by millions of tons a year and radically cut fuel consumption by a wholesale adoption of hybrid technology.

This was the message of a recent speech given by Volvo Construction Equipment’s Arvid Rinaldo. The presentation, to a group of international business journalists in Sweden, said that continuing research into diesel-electric hybrids showed benefits in fuel reduction, CO2 emissions and performance significantly larger than previously stated.

“Hybrids are not a gimmick – construction equipment responds extremely well to the technology,” said Mr. Rinaldo. “We are facing the very real prospect of fuel savings up to 50%, significant performance increases and a reduction in CO2 emissions in the order of millions of tons a year, if adopted industry-wide.”

Source Volvo Construction Equipment

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