Los Angeles City Council Approves Port Of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program

Los Angeles City Council recently announced approval to the Port of Los Angeles’ Clean Truck Program (CTP), the landmark plan designed to help slash port-related, diesel truck emissions by 80 percent.

The Council vote adds further momentum to the Port’s transition to a License Motor Carrier-based truck concession system beginning October 1, 2008.

The CTP will accelerate the replacement of high-polluting trucks with cleaner trucks while elevating port drayage to 21st Century trucking industry standards. Licensed Motor Carriers will enter into drayage concession agreements with criteria including a requirement to commit to using 100-percent employee drivers by calendar year 2013 in a phased-in schedule.

The Port will now be able to hold those companies accountable for maintaining trucks and employing properly credentialed drivers. That, in turn, will ensure a sufficient supply of drivers, improve truck safety and maintenance while lowering emissions, enhance Port security and reduce the negative impacts that drayage services have on communities near the Port.

Source: The Port Of Los Angeles

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