Genie Introduces Super-Straddle Accessory Redesign

Genie Industries recently introduced the Super-Straddle accessory redesign.

The Super-Straddle is an attachment that allows operators to mount a Genie AWP Super Series personnel lift above obstacles such as fixed seating in theaters, auditoriums and convention centers. It provides up and over access for the Genie AWP Super Series to be used in spaces that are otherwise inaccessible and hard to reach. The new Genie Super-Straddle was redesigned to meet the latest ANSI A92.3 standards and is CE compliant.

“The Super-Straddle is a versatile, efficient accessory for facilities such as schools and churches,” said Kim Williams, senior market analyst, Genie Industries. “It allows easy overhead access for maintenance like changing light bulbs, replacing ceiling panels and even for touching up paint.”

Source: Genie Industries

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