Volvo Trucks Developing Lightweight Prototype Sleepers Made With Advanced Composite Material Technology

The Volvo Trucks North America homepage reports on the development of lightweight prototype sleepers made with advanced composite material technology as part of a U.S. Army program to reduce the weight and improve fuel economy of trucks.

The project, part of the Army’s Military and Commercial Truck Weight Reduction Program, calls for Volvo and program partner TPI Composites, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, to design, build and test prototype truck sleepers.

Because of their generally lighter weight, the use of composite components can improve truck fuel economy and thus reduce CO2 emissions. TPI’s advanced processes yield components that are even lighter and stronger than composite components formed using traditional methods. In addition, composite materials resist corrosion, insulate better and may provide a quieter sleeping environment for resting drivers.

Three sleeper cabs will be produced as part of the project, with the first to be delivered in late 2009.

Source: Volvo Truck North America

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