The Chameleon Truck Adapts To The Shape Of Cargo

Designer Haishan Deng creates vehicles that revise the idea of what a truck should look like, often adapting shapes from nature and the animal kingdom to serve the needs of highway transport and construction sites.

At first glance, Haishan Deng’s Chameleon Truck might remind you of a caterpillar crawling on the side of a tree instead of a truck. The Chameleon’s unusual design has a purpose: offering safer cargo transport and lower transport costs.

The Chameleon Truck uses a segmented body design to stretch its shape around a cargo container. The driver sits in a cockpit over the cargo hatch.

The soft covering around the truck protects cargo by absorbing the imapact of accidents. The softer material also reduces weight that saves on fuel costs.

Source: Haishan Deng

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