Windshield Repair Kit Safely Removes Pits and Scratches

Getting a chip or scratch on your truck windshield can be costly and sometimes dangerous.

Now you can fix your windshield with a new kit for removing pits and scratches from glass windshields from Ocean State Abrasives, Inc. of Kingston, Rhode Island.

The Scratch Magic Glass Repair Kit
is designed to remove those bothersome pits and scratches from windshields and windscreens that can refract light and impair a driver’s vision. Featuring optical-grade lapping and polishing compounds, this kit includes a felt lapping bob, 6″ dia. buffing wheel, and step-by-step directions for removing “dings” caused by common road debris.

Providing materials required for repairing up to five typical windshields, the Scratch Magic Glass Repair Kit is supplied with a drill mount assembly for the buffing wheel and the lapping bob shank also fits a standard drill. The compounds used to reduce the depth of pits and scratches and then buff them smooth are water soluble and environmentally safe.

Source: Ocean State Abrasives

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