Sterling Introduces Its First Natural Gas-Powered Vehicle

Concerns over truck emissions have resulted in new laws and regulations on trucks in shipping terminals. While truck manufacturers have sought to clean up diesel emissions with filters and improved engines, the demand for low-emission trucks have moved alternative fuels from the testing lab to the loading dock.

Sterling Truck Corporation recently rolled out a new natural gas (NG)-fueled tractor. The Sterling Set-Back 113 fueled with Natural Gas is ideal for port operations, as well as natural gas utilities and municipalities. An OEM factory-built product, this truck is powered by the Cummins Westport ISL G.

According to Sterling Trucks…

Natural gas technology can save an estimated $6,000 in annual fuel and operating costs per truck. Customers in states such as California will also benefit from tax incentives for alternative fuel vehicles. Fuel providers take advantage of these incentives, too, which means that accessibility to NG fuel is on the rise.

“Due to deterioration in air quality, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have embraced the use of alternative fuels in commercial vehicles. At the same time, utility companies and municipalities throughout North America have shown increased interest in green transportation technology,” said Richard Shearing, manager of product strategy for Sterling Truck Corporation. “By introducing the Set-Back 113 with Natural Gas, we’re giving our customers a hard-working truck that reduces both costs and environmental emissions.”

Source: Sterling Trucks

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  1. All of those questions kinda dneped on what your are going to use the truck for.Me, i’d buy a 4 4 truck with over 150k on it, but I would be using it to wheel.If you plan on using a truck for a daily driver, and it’s only gonna see pavement, I’d go with a 2wd (because it gets better gas mileage and is cheaper) and find something with low miles.As far as the best brand, everyone has thier own opinions on that subject. I’ve seen tons of fords with over 300,000 miles on them, but i’ve seen dodges and chevy’s also.

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