John Deere’s 764 High-Speed Dozer Is The First New Machine Form Seen In Decades

John Deere unveiled the 764 High-Speed Dozer(HSD) at the 2008 CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas last March. The 764 High-Speed Dozer is (HSD) the first new machine form the construction industry has seen in decades.

According to John Deere, this is a unit that will give operators the ability to do more in less time.

This innovative rubber-tracked dozer combines the speed of a grader with the flotation of a crawler dozer. As a result, operators can perform grading and moderate dozing at about double the speed of a similarly sized crawler. They’ll also have the ability to travel 18 mph across a job site without damaging pavement.

“The 764 HSD has the potential to revolutionize site preparation and road building with its speed alone,” said Dan Drescher, Deere’s product marketing manager for crawler dozers and crawler loaders.

“Combining the rubber tracks with the speed dramatically expands travel possibilities around the jobsite, meaning less trailer hauling and no need for contractors to lay out mats just to cross pavement,” Drescher said. “Its mobility and also its maneuverability, thanks to articulated steering, are unprecedented for a dozer.”

“The hydrostatic drive train is very efficient in delivering power to the ground on the 764,” Drescher explained. “The machine’s rubber track and drive system ensures there’s much lower rolling resistance than with a conventional steel track system – so operators can work and travel at much higher speeds.”

Source: John Deere

3 thoughts on “John Deere’s 764 High-Speed Dozer Is The First New Machine Form Seen In Decades

  1. I want to see one in action. In an industry where time is money (and I mean a lot of money), what a great piece of machinery to help profitability.

  2. Kinf of odd to see John Deere coming out with new equipment when they cannot sell what they make now! According to Machinery Outlook their US revenues are down 40% and they are moving a large portion of their business to other parts of the world.

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