Arkansas Governor Announces New Trucking Workforce Pilot Initiative

Governor Mike Beebe of Arkansas announced Friday the Trucking Workforce Pilot Initiative, a program to train as many as 300 Arkansas residents as new truck drivers.

The Morning News in Northwest Arkansas reports that 600 to 800 trucking jobs need to be filled in Arkansas.

The new program is designed to encourage new truckers who would otherwise be reluctant to pursue trucking jobs due to the cost of training.

Source: The Morning News

3 thoughts on “Arkansas Governor Announces New Trucking Workforce Pilot Initiative

  1. yes i think drivers should protest and stay off Arkansas i also agree it’s not the best place to be in Gary am with you all the way…………………..gin davis< HREF=" " REL="nofollow">Addiction Recovery Arizona<>

  2. untill arkansas redoes worker’s comp I would tell drivers to stay away from arkansas trucking co’s as I know first hand how bad it is for truck drivers here. As a truck driver working for TRANSCO LINES INC russellville,ar worker’s comp is aginst drivers here and if you get hurt on the job your done. they can do anything they want to you and even a lawyer can’t help you here. all trucking co’s in arkansas make you sign form you can only get comp under arkansas law and the reason is they can not pay for medical,lost wages etc and the state backs them up. my name is GARY MCCLAIN and I swear I’m telling the truth read the state laws on comp and call the state comp office they will tell you I’m right. feel free to E-MAIL me

  3. Im all for more truck jobs in this country, and more jobs in general. But…grabbing some random Arkansas hillbillies of their ride on lawn mower and trying to slap them behind the wheel of a 80,000 gvw truck is kinda pushing it. Maybe they can learn nascar ?? Until next time…

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