U.S. Transportation Secretary Launches Blog To Speak Directly To Citizens

U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters recently launched Fast Lane, the Department’s new blog. Accessible at http://fastlane.dot.gov.

Department of Transportation says that Fast Lane will be an on-line community for all those interested in the nation’s transportation system and its future.

According to the Department of Transportation…

Fast Lane contributors will include Secretary Peters, Deputy Secretary Thomas Barrett, Administrators from the Department’s operating agencies, and other senior officials. In addition, the site will welcome guest bloggers from government, industry, and the transportation community. The Department will also use the blog to break news and make announcements.

“Fast Lane will allow me and others here at the Department to speak directly with interested citizens, members of the transportation community and the blogosphere to engage in an earnest conversation about our nation’s transportation future,” Secretary Peters said. “I have made 21st century solutions a priority for our transportation system, and now I’m thrilled to be using a 21st century communications tool to reach Americans in a whole new way.”

Fast Lane is an open forum, and visitors are encouraged to submit comments, contribute ideas, and bring to the Department’s attention innovative and exciting transportation activities in their communities. All comments will be reviewed before inclusion, and a representative sample will be posted to the site.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation


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