Kenworth’s T2000 sleek design gets noticed by businesses

Trucks do more than just haul freight. A truck can act as a rolling billboard for a business brand name and project a professional image.

The Kenworth homepage features a profile of Kevin Erion, president of Erion Racing, headquartered in Orange, California. Erion Racing uses Kenworth T2000s for his business.

According to Kenworth…

“Ours is a very high profile, high visibility and image-driven business,” said Kevin Erion, president of Erion Racing, headquartered in Orange, Calif. “Our Kenworth T2000s fit the image profile perfectly, with both cutting-edge technological features and sleek aerodynamic design.”

When the team’s first Kenworth T2000 arrived on the circuit in 2001, other teams and sponsors took notice. “I soon realized there were other high visibility companies involved in racing that also wanted to project a good image with a quality truck, but they didn’t necessarily want to own a truck,” said Erion. “So I thought, if I could operate one truck, why not two, four or six? That was the beginning of my trucking business.”

Drivers often request trucks equipped with automatic transmissions for comfort and safety, so do Erion’s clients.

“Some of my trucks have automatic transmissions because the clients prefer them,” Erion says. “Some have bigger engines. The only thing that I have standardized on is the Kenworth T2000 because of its performance design.

“Everyone who drives for me says it’s the best truck they have ever driven. There’s not one specific thing that they point to and say ‘that’s what I like most about the truck,’ because everything about the Kenworth T2000 is quality. It’s comfortable, roomy and smooth riding. Drivers love them.”

Source: Kenworth Truck Company

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