Truckers looking for cheaper diesel fuel in Mexico

First there was controversy over a pilot program allowing trucks to cross from Mexico into the United States. Now there is the new issue of truckers from the United States crossing into Mexico for cheaper diesel fuel.

The Life on The Road Blog features video on trucking companies fighting the high cost of diesel fuel by filling up south of the border.

According to the story, diesel fuel costs are lower in Mexico thanks to price controls, but filling up in Mexico is not as simple as driving across the border. Each truck must have permits from the Mexican Government to cross. Getting the permits can cost up to $1000 a truck, but some truck companies say high fuel prices leave them no choice.

One thought on “Truckers looking for cheaper diesel fuel in Mexico

  1. The problem is they are going down and filling up large tanks in the back of their pickups and comming across the border with it. They are not paying for any permits. This is not making for a level playing field for the independent truckers that are trying to get a decent rate! This should not be legal!

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