TeleType GPS features Hazmat routing for truckers

Driving a truck with hazardous materials is tough enough. A driver hauling dangerous material needs to focus on the road, not a map.

TeleType’s Commercial Truck WorldNav Portable GPS system now features 10 levels of Hazmat routing, guiding truckers to the routes they need to deliver their cargo safely.

According to TeleType…

This advanced touch screen GPS offers Truck Routing GPS navigation solution for professional truck drivers, bus drivers, and RV’ers. The product insures that routes will follow roads that are suitable for truck travel, and yet the commercial driver can rely on the routing as it takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions, and allowances.

Source: TeleType

7 thoughts on “TeleType GPS features Hazmat routing for truckers

  1. After thorough research on various websites on internet and reading positive reviews checking through various GPS equipment providers I shortlisted & got installed worldnav, GPS instrument because of largest collection of maps, wider screen for more clear view even during driving.

  2. I am having my own small truck transport company. I was considering putting Track What Matters GPS tracking system on our trucks. I finally purchased world navigator and installed it and found my driver stopping every 45-60 minutes to take a nap when my delivery had to be there on time! That was a $1,600 lesson! Knowing the facts about the driver will keep that from happening again..

  3. World Nav GPS Tracking Other then its function may be some of the are similar to other tracking devices available in the market. But the world navigator GPS’s large screen makes it standout odd out of other makes available in the market. While driving its not easy to concentrate on screen, but the larger screen view of GPS tracking enables one to easily keep tab on the route. Biggest advantage for buying worldnav based device is the company is having the largest database of database of maps its having which no other service provider provides.

  4. Great product for the money. The Premium has text to speech so it says the name of the street to turn onto. Preferences allow you to choose between 2D and 3D modes. Automatic night mode and tons more. Basically gets you from point A to point B easily. My kids manage to use it without any help, it also saves me from having to tell them how much longer it will take to where we are going.

  5. I recently installed worldnav GPS on recommendations of one of my friend from same profession. On my trip to Chicago for delivering consignment, it was really a thrilling experience for me. The equipment did a excellent routing, which was very helpful in reaching destination.

  6. The advanced touch GPS offered by Teletype has really made my life easy. Just to follow some basic instructions(the route followed must be through highway,beneath the bridges etc). In nut shell it makes easy for any novice driver in certain new area to take help of the pre – installed maps to locate the destination.

  7. I’ve purchased the 7″ display unit and have already called for an RMA number.I’m very displeased with the maps as they are outdated by 10+ years on some highways.

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