Gen-A-Sys Auxiliary Power Unit uses nickel metal hydride batteries

Electro Energy Inc
. recently introduced its Gen-A-Sys anti-idling technology. The Gen-A-Sys anti-idling solutions, jointly developed by Electro Energy and Enertek Corporation, are the next generation in auxiliary power units for long-haul and local delivery trucks.

What makes the Gen-a-Sys system different than other A.P.U.s is the optional Q version which is the only hybrid system powered by Ni-MH batteries (Military grade nickel metal hydride) which have a 3000-5000 charge cycle lifetime expectancy. Traditional lead acid batteries have a 350-500 charge life cycle expectancy.

SeatbeltA timer allows the 3kWh Ni-MH battery pack to re-charge in a very short time after use, allowing one to utilize stealth mode. This system is one of the most unique, reliable, powerful sources for auxiliary power available.

The system automatically monitors the batteries’ charge. When battery charge is low a small engine that automatically turns on and recharges them, then turns off after charging and returns to engine-off mode.

SeatbeltMichael Reed, Electro Energy’s President and CEO, said, “Many states now have commercial truck anti-idling regulations and as of January 1, 2008 any Class 8 truck entering the State of California is required to have an anti-idling system installed. The Gen-A-Sys systems power the truck hotel loads resulting in reduced exhaust emissions, noise and fuel expense compared to idling the truck engine. Electro Energy’s advanced battery technology reduces the weight of these systems enabling greater freight loading and revenue potential for truck operators.”
SeatbeltSource: Electro Energy Inc. and Enertek Corporation

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