Hendrickson’s new, lighter weight INTRAAX AANL

The Hendrickson web stie features details on the new NTRAAX AANL 23K suspension system.

According to Hendrickson…

Hendrickson’s new, lighter weight INTRAAX® AANL 23K low-ride / liftable integrated trailer suspension system began rolling off assembly lines this month.

With a weight savings of 75 pounds, INTRAAX AANL 23K replaces the successful AAL 23K as Hendrickson Trailer Suspension System’s lightest 23,000-pound capacity low-ride / liftable suspension system. Yet, it still gives fleets and owner operators the same outstanding ride and reliability.

INTRAAX AANL uses Hendrickson’s Advanced Axle / Beam Technology (AXT(TM)), which teams tapered-beam and Hendrickson Large-Diameter Axle (LDA(TM)) technologies, to enhance component system strength, while reducing weight compared to similar-capacity suspension systems.

The AANL tapered-beam design uses high-performance TRI-FUNCTIONAL® III Bushings to deliver an outstanding ride. Road proven over millions of miles, patented TRI-FUNCTIONAL III Bushings feature a unique rubber compound for outstanding durability and ride.

LDA increases the diameter of today’s traditional five-inch axle to five and three-quarters inches while slightly reducing the wall thickness. The wall thickness reduction combined with the increased diameter creates a more efficient use of material, which enhances strength while reducing weight.

LDA delivers as much as a 15-percent increase in bending and torsional stiffness compared to the five-inch (0.460-inch) walled axle, which reduces axle deflection under, load helping keep the axle straighter.

“With this suspension, there should be no perception that lighter weight somehow equates to a reduction in strength or durability. We have tested this suspension thoroughly, and it is worthy of being a Hendrickson,” says Keith McComsey, vocational program manager for Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems.

Offered in ride heights from 6.5 to 17 inches, AANL brings road-proven Advanced Axle / Beam Technology to drop-decks, lowboys, platforms, tankers, bottom dumps and specialty trailers.

Source: Hendrickson

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