Anver’s Fork Lift Vacuum Attachment lifts glass sheets with ease

Lifting large sheets of glass or metal is a delicate job. Lifting them is easy if you have Anver Corp’s battery-powered vacuum attachment for a fork truck that lets an operator load and unload brittle or thin objects made of granite, thin metal, and plastic from the top .

According to Anver Corp…

Anver’s Fork Lift Vacuum Attachment is a detachable vacuum lifter that is mounted on a chassis which slides onto standard 26″ forks and incorporates 16 spring-assisted vacuum pads, depending upon configuration. Designed to let one operator securely lift sensitive loads from the top, without hooks, grabs, or slings, this vacuum attachment easily slides over the forks, has a remote pendant control, and is powered by a low-maintenance 12V gel battery.

Featuring built-in parking stands to protect the rubber suction pads when not in use, Anver’s Fork Lift Vacuum Attachment can be charged in a 115VAC outlet and doubles as a hoist-operated lifter. Offered with capacities to 5,000 lbs., it has an all-welded steel frame and adjustable vacuum pads configured to customer requirements. Applications include lifting granite, stone, aluminum and steel plate, plastic sheet, and non-porous panels.

Source: Anver Corp

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