Bridgestone L315 On/Off-highway Wide Base Tire Debuts

Bridgestone Firestone recently introduced the L315 tire, on/off-highway wide base radial engineered for long mileage.

According to Bridgestone…

The Bridgestone L315 is designed for axles carrying extra-heavy loads, such as front-discharge cement mixers with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. This new wide base tire is also ideal in job situations where superior traction is required, such as on dump trucks, specialty oil-field equipment and other on/off-highway construction vehicles.

The L315’s lug tread and open shoulder design provide hundreds of biting edges to dig into soft surfaces, promoting superior drive traction in mud and on gravel.

The wide base design distributes footprint pressure for outstanding flotation while also allowing higher payload. In fact, the L315 has an “L” load rating, which allows it to carry 12,300 lbs at 120 psi.

The L315 has a 30/32˝ tread depth for long original tread life and tough tread compounds that resist cuts, chips, tearing and irregular wear. The enhanced compound also fights heat build-up so this on/off-highway tire can be used at sustained speeds to 65 mph.

To enhance retreadability, the groove walls are angled so they won’t retain stones that could pierce the belt package. Heavy-duty casing construction combats bruises and resists belt penetration for superior retreadability. And for more low-cost miles, L315’s casing is engineered to be retreaded for any axle position, with four full steel belts and an all-steel casing ply.

The L315 wide base tire is available in the 445/65R22.5 size in “L” load range.

Source: Bridgestone Commercial Truck Tires

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