New Volvo trucks in Europe feature more space and new safety features

It was around a year ago that the Volvo Beevan concept explored the design of futuristic trucks. While the Beevan was more concept than reality, this summer Volvo will start production on new versions of the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 in Europe feature new technology and safety features.

These images give a glimpse of what Volvo designers have been cooking up to improve driver comfort and safety in new trucks.

According to Volvo…

So just what is it that customers are being offered? Volvo does not want to reveal all the details right now. However, what is certain is that the new range will include an entirely redesigned cab interior. The main focus is on further reinforcing the properties that customers appreciate from the current model range, such as comfort, functionality and safety.

Space, light and smart storage

“We have created a driver’s environment that offers more space and light along with far better storage capability,” says Christer Pehrsson, business area manager for long-haul operations at Volvo Trucks. “Behind the new design lies a thorough analysis of all the needs that a driver may have, both while driving and when the truck is at a standstill. The driver has to be able to work efficiently and live comfortably.”

More space in the driving compartment

The storage compartments above the driver’s seat are of a new design that increases the feeling of space and makes it easier to move around in an upright position inside the cab. Sliding shutter doors make opening and closing easier. The instrument panel too is of a new design and helps give the driver added space. The gear controls for the I-Shift and Powertronic transmissions have been moved out a little from the driver’s seat for the same reason.

Storage under the bed

By relocating some of the storage capacity and creating more compartments under the bed, total storage capacity has been increased even though the interior living space itself feels larger. What is more, the new solution is more flexible than before to meet different customers’ specific needs.

Better scope for relaxation

The level of comfort in the cab is significantly higher, particularly as regards the scope for relaxation. A broader bed with adjustable backrest and a higher position for a more comfortable seat height is one of the new features. Another update is the passenger seat, which can swivel 90 degrees and recline 15 degrees. There is also a powerful audio system with the possibility of inputs for USB, AUX, MP3 and TV.

Lighting quality that is unique in the industry

“We have also worked a lot on providing good lighting inside the cab,” says Christer Pehrsson. “With well-thought-out positioning of 17 light sources and an advanced lighting control that includes a dimmer, it is possible to deliver the light and adjust its brightness exactly according to need. Red night-lighting is also included. Our lighting system is among the very best on the market.”

Monitor whether it rains

Improving visibility under all conditions is of high priority in Volvo’s safety work and as a result the company offers rain sensors for the windscreen wipers. The sensors monitor whether and how much rain is falling, and the windscreen wipers are adjusted automatically to suit. Cornering lights, which provide better visibility when turning, are another solution being introduced on the Volvo FH. More new safety features will be revealed at the launch next summer.

Source: Volvo Trucks

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