Drive-away prevention system eliminates unscheduled truck departures

Castell Interlocks manufacturers Salvo, a system that prevents a truck from pulling away from a loading dock while workers are loading cargo. To give you an idea of how dangerous an unplanned truck pull-away can be the Salvo site features some photos.

Yep…that sure looks like a bomb of some sort.


To prevent these sort of accidents, the Salvo loading dock safety system secures a truck at the dock to keep workers and cargo safe.

According to Castell…

Unscheduled truck departures increase risk to workers and the potential for damage to loading docks and equipment. The Salvo loading dock safety system from international safety expert Castell ensures that a particular sequence of events happens before a truck is able to pull away from the dock. A new product design and complete kit purchase option have increased ease of installation and shortened order lead times.

The key to the Salvo system is the Salvo gladhand lock. Once the gladhand lock is attached to the truck’s brake line, ensuring that brakes are applied and trailer movement has stopped, a uniquely coded key is released. The key is then used in either the automatic or manual door lock, which traps the key, and allows workers inside the plant to unbolt the lock and begin loading or unloading the trailer. When work on the trailer is complete, the door interlock is bolted and the key needed to open the Salvo gladhand brake lock is released, making it possible for the driver to depart.

Castell is now packaging the safety system as a complete kit, with all system components and control panel wiring included. A one-size-fits-all design for the Salvo bollard, brackets and barrier chain set, and modular mounting rack model have lowered customer cost and made installation easier. Castell has also increased durability with a new temperature resistant gladhand lock design, and weatherproof stainless steel storage box. The entire kit is stocked and shipped from Erlanger, Kentucky with short lead times.

Source: Castel Interlocks

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