January 2008 Roemer report notes increase in trucking’s share of nation’s freight pool

What will the new year bring for the trucking industry? Challenges lie ahead for truckers and the industry as they deal with an uncertain economy, new laws regulating emissions, and the cost of fuel.

It can be safely said that trucks are going to play an ever-increasing role in keeping the economy rolling. The Roemer Report, a widely read digest of news about the trucking industry, has made some predictions.

From a recent press release…

The January edition of The Roemer Report discusses the projected growth in trucking’s share of the nation’s freight pool, as predicted by the American Trucking Associations in a recent news release. Despite a rough economic forecast for 2008, the ATA predicts a greater role for trucking in the coming years. The Roemer Report states that trucking within the United States accounted for $196 billion in U.S. motor carrier revenue, while revenue from transportation to Canada, Mexico and other destinations amounted to $8 billion.

The Roemer Report is a monthly digest of news for the trucking industry read by fleet operators, owner-operators and allied personnel. Often referred to as the “Kiplinger Letter of the Trucking Industry”, the report has been published by Roemer Insurance for more than 30 years. The publication is distributed free of charge in both print and electronic formats and is archived on the Roemer Insurance website and Insure My Rig, the small fleet division of Roemer Insurance.

The current edition of The Roemer Report discusses a recent ruling by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which refused to return to lower hours-of-service (HOS) limits pushed by safety groups. The January edition also reviews the results of a recent trucking industry survey that finds that the majority of drivers are not happy about the prospect of speed limiters on company trucks, and the issues of truck parking and strategies to prevent hazardous tanker trucks from losing their balance and turning over.

Source: Roemer Insurance

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