California limits on truck idling go into effect

Land line features a story on new limits on idling trucks going into effect in California.

According to Land Line, there has been a five-minute limit on truck idling, with an exception for drivers who are idling during sleep time.

That changed January 1st along with a raise in fines and number of enforcement officers.

Another new rule covers the use of APUs on trucks. 2007 or later model year trucks must use a special filter on diesel APUs.

According to the California Air Resouces Board site…

The new engine requirements require 2008 and newer model year heavy-duty diesel engines to be equipped with a non-programmable engine shutdown system that automatically shuts down the engine after five minutes of idling or optionally meet a stringent oxides of nitrogen idling emission standard. The in-use truck requirements require operators of both in-state and out-of-state registered sleeper berth equipped trucks to manually shut down their engine when idling more than five minutes at any location within California beginning in 2008.

Emission producing alternative technologies such as diesel-fueled auxiliary power systems (APS) and fuel-fired heaters are also required to meet emission performance requirements that ensure emissions are not exceeding the emissions of a truck engine operating at idle. Specifically, the regulation requires diesel APSs installed on trucks with 2007 and newer engines to control particulate matter (PM) emissions by either routing the APS exhaust through the PM trap of the truck engine or by retrofitting the diesel APS with a verified level 3 PM control device that reduces PM emissions by at least 85 percent. Fuel fired heaters installed on trucks with 2007 and newer engines are also required to meet the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle requirements specified in the Low Emission Vehicle regulations. These requirements are effective beginning in 2008.

You can read more on the California Air Resources Board web site.

Source: Land Line and California Air Resources Board

2 thoughts on “California limits on truck idling go into effect

  1. Well Said Anarammco…
    No doubt that millions of dollars are to be made off this unnecessary regulation, at the expense of struggling truck drivers like myself.

  2. Hmmmm… Someone ought to tell them genius politicians that the wildfire currently burning in California puts out more soot and ash then all the diesal trucks in the entire world for all of recorded history.

    So all thier new “requirements” are a lot of horse pucky.

    These new laws do nothing but hurt the one industry holding this train wreck together….

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