Want to drive a truck? Get in the drivers seat for 44 hours first

Could you qualify to drive a big truck just by pushing a pencil instead of a gearshift?

Land Line magazine reports on a proposed rule from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), requiring truck driving students to fulfill a requirement of 44 hours training behind the wheel, along with 76 hours of classroom time, before taking the test.

The demand for behind the wheel training has been the subject of legal rulings, lawsuits and legislation since 1991.

The full text of the rule can be found here on the Federal Register database.

One thought on “Want to drive a truck? Get in the drivers seat for 44 hours first

  1. I think new drivers should put more than 44 hours in. I am 38 and been driving tractor trailer for 20 years,owning my own since I was 21 Every year that gos by these truckdriving schools pump out drivers that can hardley drive and are unsafe. A school here in Pittsburgh Pa advertises it will train you in less than than 4 weeks. Something needs to be done.I know there is a so called shortage of drivers, but lets not sacrafice safety. We got foreiners who can not speak English and new drivers wet behind the ears let loose in semis after a few weeks of training.Let me wrap it up by saying a person can be driving in less than a month after seeing a commercial about how they can make the big bucks.Lets not sacrafice safety for a shortage.

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