John Deere Provides More Power, Performance with 9430, 9530, and 9630 Scraper Specials

John Deere recently introduced a new line of large, high-horsepower tractors – the 9030 Series Scraper Tractors. These three models of tractors, ranging from 425 to 530 hp, are engineered for large-scale scraper operations, providing more power, productivity, operator comfort and cleaner burning engines that meet federal Tier III emissions standards.

“These highly productive tractors feature the innovative John Deere PowerTech Plus engines,” says Kent Stickler, John Deere Product Consultant. “They are cleaner burning than previous models and are engineered specifically for high-horsepower scraper applications to help the operator get more done in less time.”

The six-cylinder PowerTech Plus engines are designed with four valves per cylinder, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a variable geometry turbo (VGT). The result is a cleaner-burning engine delivering up to a 38 percent torque rise and a 10 percent power bulge to bring more power and performance to the ground while meeting federal Tier III emissions standards.

“Engine efficiency is enhanced with a new cooling package, including the patented Vari-Cool(TM) fan drive and cooling system,” explains Stickler. “The mechanical-type fan runs only at the necessary speed to meet the cooling requirements of the tractor, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing power consumption. The air is also expelled up and away from the hood and away from the ground, providing less ground air flow disturbance for better job site dust control.”

The 18-speed PowerShift Transmission (18-forward and 6-reverse speeds) is standard equipment on the 9030 Series Scraper Tractors and is designed with enhanced, event-based shifting logic to provide best-in-class shift quality and to accommodate increased power levels.

“These tractors are specifically engineered to handle the rigorous performance requirements for moving earth with pull scrapers, and are designed for this application,” Stickler said.

The main differences in the scraper special version include front and rear axle supports, larger articulation pins, two massive 7-inch tapered roller bearings in the center section, powertrain protection, high flow hydraulics, beacon, back up alarm, and heavy duty scraper drawbar support. Standard warranty for the tractor in scraper applications is 2 years/2000 hours and an extended warranty is available.

The operator station and cab also have been improved for increased operator comfort. The newly designed, quieter CommandView(TM) cab features lower sound levels and excellent visibility for all scraper activities. Even with a larger engine and cooling package, a new hood design with a relocated exhaust provides the forward visibility customers demand – a long-standing 9030 Series advantage.

The ActiveSeat(TM) communicates with the tractor 200 times per second to remove as much as 90 percent of vertical inputs for a smoother ride. Color-coded controls allow for easy operation of the tractors.

These scraper tractors add more productivity to the work site because of their versatility. When a 9030 Series Scraper Tractor completes work on a job site, it can be unhitched from the scraper and put to use in other pulling applications. Conventional earth-moving equipment cannot duplicate this flexibility.

Another industry-exclusive feature on the 9030 Series Scraper Tractors is AutoLoad(TM), which automates the scraper’s hydraulic lift functions during the loading cycle when used with Deere scrapers. Once activated, it automatically adjusts the scraper’s cutting-edge height according to draft loads of the equipment without operator intervention.

“An operator engages AutoLoad at the beginning of a cut,” explains Stickler. “Then the system automatically varies blade height according to draft load, wheel slippage and soil conditions. The system is disengaged at the end of the cut through normal operation of the selective control valve (SCV) lever in the tractor. The automated system brings new productivity and less operator fatigue when performing scraper operations. There are also transport and fill heights that can be set for each scraper to provide improved compaction, faster cycle times, and a smoother ride. Both experienced and rookie operators will love AutoLoad.”

A key feature of all 9030 Series Tractors is a larger fuel tank, which gives the new tractors up to 33 percent greater on-board fuel capacity. Combined with the fuel-efficient engines, the 9030 Series Scraper Tractors stay on the job longer between refueling.

“The new 9030 Series Tractors offer more power and performance than the models they replace,” concludes Stickler. “With fuel-efficient PowerTech Plus engines, more horsepower for each model and more comfort in the cab, we are confident that these are the most productive high-horsepower scraper tractors ever built by John Deere.”

Source: John Deere

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