GPS truck tracking systems could help prevent truck mishaps features a story on GPS technology that could prevent truck accidents by tracking a truck’s position and speed.

One such system is Cadec’s PowerVue. While other systems are mounted on the truck and monitor speed and position, PowerVue uses satellite tracking to determine if a truck is in danger of a rollover or moving too fast.

According to Cadec…

Designed to enable companies to maximize the business value of their fleets, Cadec’s PowerVue helps fleet managers address challenges such as:

  • Improving efficiency and reducing costs by integrating actionable fleet information with existing routing, mapping and supply chain management software
  • Creating dashboards of relevant information for each stakeholder in the supply chain – from dispatcher, to fleet manager, to CEO, to customer
  • Ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations by automating paper-based administrative processes such as DOT logs and fuel tax
  • Visibility into driver safety data including speed, route/location, and idle time and meeting and exceeding customer service expectations.

Unlike traditional mobile communications systems that primarily emphasize messaging and location, or OBC systems that focus on collecting data, PowerVue adds a level of intelligence by combining the most advanced on-board computer system with a web-based, enterprise-class data management application. This enables PowerVue to translate vast amounts of fleet data collected from each vehicle into actionable information that can be leveraged throughout the supply chain.

Source: and Cadec

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