New biometric system could secure ports and trucks

Biometrics used to be the stuff of science fiction films, where futuristic scanners read fingerprints or retinas to open doors or activate computers.

Land Line features a story on biometrics in real life and how the technology could be used by truckers to gain access to port gates or even be used to start engines instead of keys.

One of the companies mentioned in the Land Line story is Privaris, a company that supplies the hardware and software used in biometrics.

The Privaris web site features details on the Plus ID system that provides identity verification at security gates.

According to Privaris…

Facility operators must be able to quickly and reliably verify the identity of drivers and vehicles without imposing solutions that violate privacy, add substantial costs or create additional security risks. Existing solutions that require drivers to come to a full stop for manual inspection cause traffic delays and significantly impact productivity. Privaris’ latest enhancements allow drivers who regularly enter ports, military bases or logistics centers to verify their identity using plusID 90 by simply swiping their finger on their personal biometric fob as they approach the gate. Once the fingerprint is matched to the stored template on the fob, it wirelessly transmits encrypted credentials (not the fingerprint) to the gate control system to validate the access rights for the driver and the vehicle, without the need to come to a full stop or roll down the window.

Land Line reports that the Privaris plusID 90 is now being tested at a military base and several ports are inquiring about the system.

Source. Privaris and Land Line

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