New Volvo construction equipment rolls of line in North Carolina

The North American home page for Volvo Construction Equipment features details on the first equipment produced by the manufacturing facility in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Asheville plant, a modern 400,000 square foot facility, is now building four of Volvo eleven excavator models – the Volvo EC160C (pictured above), Volvo EC210C (pictured below), Volvo EC330C, and the Volvo EC360C. A Volvo EC160C hydraulic excavator was the first machine off the production line on November 9.

According to Volvo…

The first Volvo excavator to be built at the Volvo Construction Equipment manufacturing facility in Asheville, North Carolina, rolled off the production line Friday, November 9, 2007. The rollout event in Asheville was attended by several hundred city, county, state and Congressional public officials, private industry executives, company management, dealers, customers and personnel, industry and local and regional members of the media, and members of the Swedish embassy from Washington, D.C. It also marked the initial revealing of the results of a $25 million to $56 million investment dedicated over the next several years to the expansion of the company’s fabrication and assembly capabilities to meet growing requirements in the excavator market in North America.

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment – North America

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