Chicken fat makes for tricky clean-up on Virginia road


While most people were celebrating Turkey Day last week, truckers and other drivers on a Virginia road were dealing with chicken.

Actually, it was liquid chicken fat that had spilled onto a road, causing a slippery hazard.

The Virginian Pilot reports…

Life along a stretch of the Eastern Shore returned to normal Wednesday after 20 miles of U.S. 13 were stained a day earlier with liquid chicken fat that leaked from a truck.

Crews using tractor-mounted brooms were expected to finish sweeping sand that was spread along the northbound lanes to help vehicles with traction after numerous accidents followed the fat leak.

Source: The Virginian Pilot

One thought on “Chicken fat makes for tricky clean-up on Virginia road

  1. Well now…what a interesting and news worthy article to place here. Seems to be the most interesting thing going on in the trucking industry. Well I sincerely hope that they clean up all that chicken fat so we can resume our daily trucking operations along the route 13 corridor. I guess this was a article to “chew the fat” over.

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