Kubota launches hydraulic utility valve system

Kubota Tractor Corporation launches an exclusive hydraulic utility valve system as standard equipment for its RTV900 Worksite Utility and Turf Utility models. Additionally, eight complementary heavy-duty hydraulic tools are now available for the RTV900s – adding even greater usefulness and versatility to the hard-working machines. These enhancements equip the RTV900 Worksite Utility and Turf Utility models to break concrete, cut lumber and brush, prune orchards, drive posts, bore holes and perform other tough tasks.

“These rugged and innovative Kubota RTV Utility models bring a whole new level of capability to the utility-vehicle market,” says Dan Muramoto, product manager for Kubota. “They leverage the RTV900’s workhorse design and hydraulic capabilities to provide a convenient, reliable source of power wherever it’s needed. And, the custom-designed heavy duty hydraulic implements make it easy to tackle construction, landscaping and other jobs.”

Kubota’s exclusive hydraulic utility system features a remote valve that is conveniently located at the rear of the vehicle to allow easy hookup of a variety of heavy-duty hydraulic tools. It has a five-gallon-per-minute (gpm) pump capacity as well as a dedicated hydraulic oil cooler and reservoir to keep tools running at peak performance.

Specialized to handle any job, the power sources are customized to get the work done right, including:

  • V6200 Breaker uses hydraulic power from RTV900 Utility models to break light concrete, asphalt or rocks
  • For post-hole digging and post driving, the V6260 Earth Auger bores holes up to an eight-inch diameter and 3.5-foot depth
  • V6230 Diamond Chainsaw is ideal for cutting concrete, brick, stone and other masonry, while the V6210 Chainsaw is designed for lumber and brush-cutting applications
  • Tree trimming is now easier with the V6280 Pruner and the V6220 Pole Chainsaw, which has a cutting capacity of 2.25 inches and a 12-inch bar length, respectively
  • V6270 Post Driver comfortably drives U-channel, square and round posts as well
  • as delineators

Source: Kubota

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