Edge of Dock Leveler and the Lo-Dock Leveler from Bluff Manufacturing

Bluff Manufacturing has introduced the Edge of Dock Leveler and the Lo-Dock Leveler which improve loading and offloading freight.

Edge of Dock Leveler

  • Capacities from 20,000 to 25,000 pounds
  • Automatically returns to stored position when truck leaves
  • Self-Storing handle
  • Bumper and bumper blocks included

Fast and easy to operate, Bluff’s edge of dock leveler is positioned by lifting a self-storing handle and pulling the handle to the dock floor. The latch assembly activates the lip forward to the floor of the trailer as the handle is lifted. When released, the handle automatically returns to a stored position. The optimum dock height for conventional trailers is 51″, while the proper dock height for refrigerated equipment is 55″. Refrigerated lip is optional. Widths of 72″ and 78″ are available.

Lo-Dock Leveler (LD)

  • Raises edge of dock levelers to proper working height
  • Completely assembled; no site welding required

Now without expensive dock alterations, you can raise the height of your present dock as much as 11″. Lo-dock levelers can easily be installed on any concrete dock without welding or modifications. Refrigerated lip is optional.

Source: Bluff Manufacturing

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