Peterbilt showcases Class 8 hybrid electric vehicle

Peterbilt Motors Company recently showcased its Class 8 hybrid electric vehicle – the Model 386 – in conjunction with the SmartWay of Going Green Seminar at the Ontario Trucking Association Convention.

“Peterbilt leads the way in the development of hybrid solutions in the heavy duty market with our Model 386 hybrid electric for customers as they battle higher fuel costs and place a greater emphasis on environmental stewardship,” says Bill Jackson, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President.

The Model 386 Heavy-Duty Hybrid, a joint-development vehicle with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Eaton, utilizes a hybrid electric system for long-haul applications for both on-road and idle reduction fuel efficiency gains. On the road, the expected fuel savings is 5-7% through improved launching, accelerating and hill climbing capabilities.

When the idle reduction mode is active, engine operation is limited to battery charging, an automatically controlled process that takes approximately five minutes per hour to fully charge the system. During rest periods, a 90% reduction in idling has been achieved while providing high-power A/C, 120VAC, and 12VDC to accommodate the sleeper hotel loads.

Source: Peterbilt

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  1. Looks like a great idea to reduce idle time. With big fines and areas that won’t allow ideling this could be the answer. The torque on the hybrid is instant, no hesitation. The price of the first ones will be pretty high

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