Cross border trucking program could lose funding

The recent and controversial cross-border trucking program between the United States and Mexico could soon be out of money.

Land Line reports that Fiscal Year 2008 Transportation Appropriations legislation could contain an amendment that forbids the establishment of a cross-border motor carrier demonstration program.

Earlier, The House of Representatives and the Senate both eliminated funding to the cross border program in their transportation appropriations bills.

The year-long pilot program was designed to expand cross-border trucking operations with Mexico as part of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). While supporter praise the program as expanding free trade, others feel that safety and security are being compromised by allowing Mexican trucks more access to United States roadways.

Source: LandLine

One thought on “Cross border trucking program could lose funding

  1. This is as it should be… Our government is CRAZY to even think of funding it… The stint pulled the other day in Washington was a farce. Thats the first Mexican truck I’ve even seen a picture of that wan’t seven different colors, and Had all of one brand of tire! The ones I’ve seen in person definetly don’t look like they would even pass a D.O.T. There is no way we should open our borders to Mexican trucks. Kind of sad we are having such a rucus with securing our borders, and on the other hand we want to open them… People should be calling their senators and congressmen over this one…

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