Kenworthy T660 – More room for hard working truckers

Truck manufacturers often focus on emissions compliance and fuel efficiency when describing the features of new truck models. That is great for fleet owners and trucking companies, but what about the humans who actually have to get behind the wheel of one of these trucks for long hours of driving?

Truck drivers are tough, but don’t they need something out of a truck other than a more efficient particle filtration system?

A recent press release from Kenworth gives the truck driver something to look forward to in a new T660: living space in the day cab.

According to Kenworth…

“Many of our drivers are big guys and having additional space in the cab is extremely important to them on the job,” said James McConnell, president and owner of the Kitchener, Ontario-based truckload and less-than-truckload carrier. “In the T660 Extended Day Cab, they now have extra room to store their personal possessions and equipment. Unlike other day cabs that are tight on space, this is one day cab that doesn’t skimp on roominess and features. Our drivers couldn’t wait to get out of their other trucks and into the T660s.”

Introduced earlier this year for the fuel-efficient and aerodynamic Kenworth T660, the Extended Day Cab option provides an extra 6 inches of length to the standard T660 day cab’s 122 inches from front bumper to back of cab. The Extended Day Cab also offers 5 more inches of cab height, 2 additional inches behind the wheel, up to 21 degrees of recline in the driver’s seat and 2 extra cubic feet of storage behind the driver’s seat.

“The extra space is great, and the Kenworth T660 is the best riding truck we’ve ever had,” said John McTaggart, a BLM driver for about 15 years. “It rides smoother than a Cadillac. I also have plenty of storage room for my hard hat, safety boots and vest.”

Source: Kenworth

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