Mack Truck sends the Pinnacle on road tour about truck safety

Here is the Pinnacle, Mack Truck’s highway flagship model . While most car drivers will notice that this truck is big and yellow, Mack wants everyone to know that the Pinnacle is also equipped with the latest safety technologies and designed to meet the EPA’s fuel-saving Smartway standards. –>

To get the word out about truck safety, Mack Trucks, Inc. recently announced that the company again will serve as a primary sponsor of the American Trucking Associations’ Share the Road program next year.

Designed to enhance the safety of America’s roadways by teaching car drivers how to safely drive around large trucks, Share the Road delivers life-saving messages to hundreds of U.S. cities and reaches millions of motorists annually.

The program uses as spokespeople a group of professional truck drivers with exemplary safety records. These drivers conduct safety demonstrations for local media, students, community leaders and highway users in cities around the United States as a way to deliver the program’s life-saving messages about potential blind spots, safe following distances, truck stopping distances and the like.

Source: Mack Trucks

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