Ultra low sulfur diesel – One year later

October 15th marked the one-year anniversary of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Concerns over engine compatibility and fuel availability marked the introduction of ULSD, but this Diesel Technology Forum YouTube video reports that ULSD usage is going smoothly.

The Diesel Technology forum site also features news on how ULSD is affecting truck sales…

Heavy-duty truck sales slowed in 2007 compared to previous years, though most analysts expect purchases to increase later this year and into 2008. “Many factors influence the acquisition of new truck and engine technologies,” explained Schaeffer. “However, real-world experience has demonstrated that a lack of confidence in the new clean diesel engine technology should not be one of them.”

A new 2007 diesel truck emits just one-sixtieth the soot exhaust of one produced in 1988. And thanks to the new clean diesel fuel, owners of existing diesel vehicles have the option to install new emission controls that can reduce soot emissions by more than 90 percent. Congress is currently considering appropriations for the national clean diesel retrofit program and could provide up to $200 million this year to modernize existing vehicles and equipment.

In this image, DTF Executive Director Allen Schaeffer demonstrates that ultra-low sulfur diesel, part of the “clean diesel system”, is so clean, that it can pass the white handkerchief test.

Source Diesel Technology Forum


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