Michelin XDA5 Drive Tire

Imagine a tire with a tread that regenerates itself as it wears. It’s not science fiction or a scene from the “Transformers” movie, it’s reality at Michelin: the new XDA5 drive tire for Class 8 rigs.

Michelin uses patented design and manufacturing techniques to mold the tread of the XDA5 in three dimensions. As the tire wears, the tread reveals new grooves and tread blocks, effectively giving the tire a second life-self- regenerating to improve wet, worn traction.

This regenerating tread design keeps the tire in service longer before retreading, an impressive 30 percent improvement in tread life over other drive tires that are commercially available.

“Incorporating three dimensional features into the tire tread that must interact with each other as the tire rolls down the highway required Michelin to develop additional innovations in our manufacturing processes,” said Jean- Michel Guillon, chief operating officer, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “The result is a sophisticated tread design that works to preserve itself as it performs. We are very excited to bring this technology to the marketplace as it dramatically raises the bar for high mileage tires.”

Source: Michelin

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