Kenworth T170 model

Kenworth Truck Company is expanding into the Class 5 market with the introduction of the Kenworth T170 model.

The Kenworth T170 is a straight truck in a 4×2 configuration with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) up to 19,500 lbs. Standard features include the PACCAR PX-6 engine rated at 200 hp and 520 ft-lb of torque, 8,000 lb. front axle and 11,500 lb. rear axle, hydraulic brakes, low-frame height chassis with 19.5 inch wheels and tires, power door locks, passenger-side electric windows (optional on driver’s side), and Kenworth DayLite doors with right-hand peeper window.

Customers can choose a manual or automatic transmission. The 6.7-liter PACCAR PX-6 engine offers the highest horsepower to weight ratio in the industry and has a 2-year warranty with unlimited miles. The Kenworth T170 is available with the Kenworth Medium Duty Van Body Program.

Source: Kenworth

2 thoughts on “Kenworth T170 model

  1. We purchased one of these truck this year. Kenworth was great…

    We have an annoying harmonic drone like noise in the cab when it is going 70-80km per hour…service department has looked…no success

    Anyone out there with ideas that would help solve this problem.

    Does anyone think it could be the exhaust same as on 1 ton diesel trucks???

    please help…it really is a dissappointing ride at present.

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