Firefly Energy to develop new high-performance truck batteries

Truck batteries do more than start a truck, they support a trucker’s various “hotel loads” (air conditioning, TVs, etc.) which were previously powered by diesel engine idling. Traditional lead acid batteries cannot easily withstand repeated deep discharging.

Peoria, Illinois based Firefly Energy Inc. is expanding into the trucking market with the commencement of a BCI Group 31 battery development program. The company said the Firefly Group 31 battery will be initially available next summer with full production scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008.

“Truckers historically have bought batteries based on coldcranking ratings and price,” said Edward F. Williams, chief executive officer. “The game is now changing, and battery performance will become much more important in its contribution to trucker safety, comfort, and productivity. This calls for gamechanging battery technology, which is why we are very excited to optimize our carbongraphite foam lead acid battery technology for the needs of truckers.”

Source: Firefly Energy

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