Cummins to offer complete lineup of on-highway engines to meet 2010 emissions standards

Cummins recently announced a technology approach for on-highway engines to meet the more stringent 2010 EPA emissions standards. Cummins will offer a complete lineup of on-highway engines to meet the near-zero 2010 emissions standards.

According to Cummins…

The next-generation cooled EGR is key to reducing emissions and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). EGR technology will not add complexity to the vehicle; and power, torque, fuel economy and maintenance intervals will stay the same. Cummins presently leads the U.S. on-highway truck market with cooled-EGR technology.

The Cummins Particulate Filter, designed and manufactured by Cummins Emission Solutions and introduced in 2007, will be the only aftertreatment required for Heavy-Duty engines in 2010. The engine and aftertreatment work together to further reduce particulate emissions.


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