Hybrid Truck User Forum meets in Seattle

A preview of the future of trucking is taking place in Seattle, Washington during the Hybrid Truck User Forum meeting.

The 2007 HTUF National Meeting is taking place September 19-21. PACCAR Inc is hosting the meeting with sponsorship from Eaton Hybrid Power Systems.According to the official site

The biggest meeting to date features top fleet and industry speakers and nearly 20 medium- and heavy-duty hybrid vehicles for the ride and drive. As always, the focus is on moving hybrids into production, and 2007 is shaping up as a milestone year.

The national meeting agenda is available on the HTUF site.

Kenworth will be showcasing four medium duty diesel-electric hybrid trucks at the meeting. According to Kenworth’s site

“Hybrid technology looks very promising in the commercial vehicle market,” said Bob Christensen, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president, who noted that PACCAR, Kenworth’s parent company, is this year’s host and a sponsor of the forum. “Kenworth recently started deliveries of its medium duty diesel-electric truck, which is targeted for pickup and delivery operations, municipal fleets and utilities. The hybrid will go into full production in 2008.”

4 thoughts on “Hybrid Truck User Forum meets in Seattle

  1. As an underwriter of commercial truck financing we have discussed including fuel efficiency as part of our underwriting factors. We have already done this with CPU's. It will be interesting to see if the finance industry goes this route with hybrid technology.

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