Shipping firm gets truckers on the road to good health

It’s not easy keeping healthy when you are a busy trucker. Truckers spend most of their working day behind the wheel and health foods are not found at most truck stops.

The Mercury News reports that Con-way Freight in San Jose is helping their drivers live a healthier lifestyle, going as far as to hire a wellness coach.

It is hoped the healthier truckers will lead to lower absenteeism due to health problems and longer careers for drivers.

4 thoughts on “Shipping firm gets truckers on the road to good health

  1. We’ll look for more information on this subject and post it as we find it.For health matters, you might want to consult your doctor first.Thanks for sharing your story. We wish you the best.

  2. It is good that we are getting more awareness of these topics. i have been driving for 21 years and i am over weight and have had 2 open heart operations in the last 5 years. i know i need to eat better but the main things holding me back are the lack of options on healthy eateries and really no place to get any exercise. i am always on the move so i need to eat many of my meals at fast food locations or little diners. also most truck stops are not a place that you would want to work out after parking. I WANT to change my life but i need help. any suggestions?

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