State police in Ohio and Kentucky want cars to give truckers more room

LandLine Magazine reports that state police in Kentucky and Ohio are asking car drivers to avoid tailgating big trucks.

The program is called TACT (Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Truck) and designed to keep cars from following commercial trucks too closely.

Cars that follow trucks too closely are one of the leading causes of truck accidents.

13 thoughts on “State police in Ohio and Kentucky want cars to give truckers more room

  1. I feel this program that Ohio and Kentucky are starting is a good START – but how about also ticketing the people who tailgate those in non-commercial vehicles. Granted, I am not in either of the cited states but I have driven in Florida, Virginia, Washington DC, Texas and Arkansas and have found tailgaters to be a problem in all these states and wish that the police would pull over tailgaters as a regular thing because I can see how someone tailgating someone else could be a MAJOR cause of road rage and, with the current concealed weapons laws and ability to get a concealed weapons license to carry a concealed weapon with you legally, you NEVER know which of the people you are tailgating might be legally carrying a concealed weapon and that you might be puching them over the edge to using that concealed weapon on you.

  2. well i dont know about you, but when i drive around all the time i usually am under the influence of something.

  3. What if there is a movement to make a electric barrier around trucks. When that little Honda gets in my blind spots he gets a 1500 volt shock? I think they will learn to give us our room!!

  4. So they just toss the bad marbles back in the way of unsuspecting motorists in the form road blocks and improper speeds and lane usage? You are one the few good ones if what you say is true.

  5. That is such a stereotype of truckers and it’s crazy to even post such a thing. Most truckers are honest, hard working men who may have been tossed a handful of bad marbles in their lives, sure. But we’re making the best of what we have and providing for our families. I have been driving for almost 22 years now and I have never fallen asleep at the wheel or run anyone off the road. Everyone thinks truckers are too tired or too hopped up on drugs to do their job safely. The truth is, most doctors are probably far more tired and psyched out than truckers.

  6. TACT? Why don’t the truckers just continue to fall asleep at the wheel and run people off the road constantly, that is what we are all used to anyway.

  7. I have been driving for 6 years now and I am waiting for one of them knuckleheads to get on my ass. It will a task for the Kentucky Fire and Rescue to peel that Kia off my tailgate!

  8. Its a shame that the roads have gotten to be another avenue where frustration is being let out. We all need to share the road. No truck is better than the other, we are all equal in the laws eyes.

  9. Listen anonymous, I drive a truck and have been in 17 accidents in the last ten years. And everyone has been with some teenager or a hot head soccer mom who tailgates and cant stay off their damned cell phones. I pay nearly 300 a month for insurance and have had 6 different jobs in the last 5 years. I think more efforts should be set up for situations like this and I praise both Kentucky and the late Colonel Sanders.

  10. The title of this article SHOULD read: “State police in Ohio and Kentucky are bored and need something to occupy their time so they’ve created another ridiculous anagram and reason to pull people over”.

  11. i agree with Anonymous. give me some room!! if you can’t see me in my mirror, i can’t see you!

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